Thursday, August 26, 2010

From Pooper to Planner

Party, that is.

Mr. B4A's birthday is in just over 2 weeks.
(I don't know how that's possible, cuz isn't it still July? HA!)

Other than a gift and his favorite homemade dessert, I'm not good at planning stuff! I'd love to have some creative, low-budget (preferably FREE) ideas to make his special day, well, special. 

Thanks for your input!

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  1. My hubby always likes to have his favorite meal, and have his family over! If his birthday falls on the weekend, he likes to spend the day doing some of his favorite things, playing tennis, spend time with family. I have found that it doesn't really matter what I plan, as long as I put some thought into it, and spend the day with him.

  2. Most times we hang out with his family, but we'll have one day that we set aside to celebrate.

    Different years I've made him his favorite dinner or taken him to a sports game (either a special night in, at a sports bar, or at the game). It's not his birthday any time soon, but this week we'll be having a wine and cheese night. I bought fancier crackers, tiny champagne grapes, and few cheeses we've never tried (let alone HEARD of). I also picked up the wine I know he likes, I'm excited!

    Thanks for linking up this week (and every other week!), you help my party look not so miserable, lol.

    -Ann Marie

  3. You could make him a coupon book:
    "This coupon entitles you to your favorite homemade dessert on the day of your choice"
    "This coupon entitles you to choose the movie tonight even though it's my turn to choose"
    "This coupon entitles you to have your wife take out the trash today"
    You can even include the kids:
    "This coupon entitles you to an extra big hug today"
    "This coupon entitles you to a coloring/drawing of any picture of your choice today to be waiting for you when you get home from work"
    You can get pretty creative with household activies that apply to your family.

    Have fun!



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