Friday, March 9, 2012

March 10 on 10

Since I don't post on Saturday, I thought I would do my March 10 on 10 on the 9th. 

1. I had to share this picture of the moon over our neighbor's place that I took this morning! The full moon was setting in the west, just as the sun was rising in the east. The house's windows caught the sun coming up in their reflection. I know our trees are in the foreground, but I love the muted colors and the stillness you can practically hear! I've never been a morning person, but I do love dawn. And the moon!

2. Our oldest is almost 5. I can't believe that he's almost reached that milestone! I used to be a Kindergarten teacher and just LOVED 5-year-olds. They're so curious and are starting to be able to understand things and do things--like read and write and put little legos together to make houses.

3. I love that I caught him in a quiet, serious moment. That doesn't happen much! Another sign of his budding maturity, if you ask me. ;)

4. Of course as soon as the aforementioned house was built, little man had to pretend it was on fire. He suited up in a raincoat and fireman hat and came out with this ambulance and sirens blaring! 

5. So while this little boy has grown up a lot lately, he's still very much my active, expressive little boy. With a fully narrated story of just what was happening to the lego house and its occupants.

6. Speaking of growing up, our baby is 9 months old and has really been blossoming too! He loves to feed himself (as evidenced by the face!) and is experimenting with new sounds.

7. Along with the sounds come new facial expressions. In the collage above you can find him "talking" and "coughing", but the yawn is real!

8. Our middle son is quickly approaching 3! He had a slow start with talking--he was 2 1/2 before he really started expressing himself. Now he talks all the time! I've even had to ask him to STOP talking a time or two! 

9. In these pictures, this little cutie is showing you his brownie. It's a "healthy" recipe I've made a couple times recently. I don't love them--that's why I haven't shared the recipe--but my boys do!

10. My older two played outside for three hours today! It was finally a warm day with no wind or snow or rain! I didn't catch pictures of it--next time--but instead of the regular nap for my 2-year-old, I let him and his brother watch a movie. Well, 10 minutes into it (right after this picture was taken) this sweetie asked to go to bed! Wow! All of that sunshine and fresh air must have worn him out!

So there you have it! My 10 on 10 for March, even if it's only the 9th. I'm linking up to Carly's blog The Simple Things as soon as the link is open!

 Have a great weekend--don't forget to take pictures!


  1. What cuties, Ellie. They are just darling little boys. I LOVE that 5 year old age, too. It passes way too fast. And look how that baby has grown.

    That is an AWESOME picture that your Mom took! LOVE it! xo Diaan

  2. I love, love, LOVE that top picture! You should link it up to Barn Charm on Tuesday.

    Where do you live, 'cause that sure does look like my beloved Wisconsin!

  3. I agree, that first picture is so great!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. The moon-rise pic is breathtaking! It looks like it's going to set down on the trees! I love the messy baby face too. I miss those days... Lovely photos!

  5. now that moon is just amazing!! gorgeous photo. your kids are just precious. (:

  6. That moon shot is wonderful!

  7. Oh goodness!! I was WRONG - - - this makes THREE barns this week!

    And, this is my FAVE.

    Hubby and I drove around our state yesterday and today and I was thinking of you and this picture while I scoped out a lot of Wisconsin barns.

  8. Terrific early morning barn photo!

  9. Check out that moon! And check out that barn roof & windmill, too! WoW!
    Pretty sun reflection in the windows.

    Thanks again! =)

  10. Great barn picture, so peaceful!

  11. They are so sweet!
    Beautiful photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  12. That's a great barn photo! Your sons are adorable! Pamela ~ Canada



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