Sunday, March 18, 2012

Barns of Benton County: Weathered Beauty

There is this short cut on the way to town. Town, if you didn't know this already, is 45 miles from our house. There are several teeny tiny dots on the map between here and there, but no grocery stores, big box stores, or clothes stores. We head to town--I guess it's a city--several times a week. And sometimes we take a short cut.

It's a pretty straight line between home and town, but the paved road jogs a few miles while the gravel road is the short cut. 

Of course sometimes you don't want to go on the gravel road for an extra 6 or 7 miles. Sometimes it's muddy. Sometimes it's snowy and the gravel road isn't plowed. Sometimes it's really really dusty and you don't want your car covered in that layer of filth. Sometimes there is fresh gravel on the road and you have to drive extra slow.

But then there are the times you do take the gravel short cut. Because you get to see stuff like this if you do.

Have you taken any short cuts lately?


  1. More beautiful barns, Ellie. Love them- xo Diana

  2. Most definitely worth the time to see! Love the last one, so long & love that roof & windows!

    Thank you very much for joining =)

  3. Do those last two have shake roofs? They must be old if they do..and that first is a simple design but looks big.

  4. I do the opposite: Take the long way around to see the sights! The result is the same.

  5. Looks like it has plenty of space for stock, even with skylights. - Margy

  6. wow, what great shots. i will be linking up next week. missed out due to being in disney world. take care. (:



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