Monday, September 28, 2015

Dawson Creek Campground

The last weekend in August found our family out camping! We went to Dawson Creek Campground that is only 12 miles from our house. Oh the perks of living in Northern Idaho!

We were right by the river in a very secluded site. There was rain in the forecast so there weren't many other campers. We slept without the tarp the first night (pictured) and could see the stars and hear the river. It was so peaceful!

Well, except for the warnings all over that we were in bear country!

Food at camp always tastes better. I prepped most of the meals at home and only had some re-heating and minimal cooking to do on our camp stove, so it wasn't too complicated.

The boys spent much of their time by the river. These pictures are from the first night and the weather was getting chilly! We had worship down there, sitting on the rocks.

The next morning after breakfast we took a hike. Northern Idaho has been very dry this summer, so the undergrowth was brown and the sky was hazy with smoke from nearby fires. (Because of the extreme fire danger, campfires were not allowed but we could use our camp stove.)

Again, being in bear country was a little nerve wracking! We tried to make lots of noise as we hiked and always kept the boys between the adults.

We got to this overlook that showed how high we'd climbed. Right after I took this picture I saw a bear on that little grassy spot down by the river! It was a brown bear (it's grizzly territory too) and was quite a way away, but now we KNEW there were bears!

We finished our hike and refreshed our feet by wading in the river. Well, except for Jonathan who tried to cross it and was wet to his waist. Talk about cold!

We seriously spent hours sitting by the river watching the kids. It was relaxing but I'm not used to that kind of downtime! Is that bad? We didn't have cell phone reception and didn't bring books to read. There was some rock stacking and lots of rock skipping and throwing!

By Saturday afternoon the rain came. We had put up the rain cover on the tent and managed to eat supper between showers, so it wasn't bad. There were light showers during the night and we opted to break camp and go home before breakfast on Sunday. It was wet and cold and dirty, but our memories of the weekend are happy, restful and peaceful. We'll be back!

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