Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Myrtle Falls

There's a wildlife refuge here in Bonner's Ferry, Idaho, that includes a nice little driving tour with great views of the marshes where thousands of migrating birds stop to rest on their way through to (or from) Canada. We always see deer and have seen a moose three times! I think it's the same one each time.

This post isn't really about the wildlife refuge because I'd like to do that one more justice at a future date. BUT Myrtle Falls is at the same place.

The first time we walked up to Myrtle Falls was in late May when Gary and I came here to find a place to live. It was greener and there was more water, but even at the end of a very dry summer it's a pretty little hike!

The trail is easy, though it is all uphill and then all downhill. It's a mile round-trip. Our kids think it's an easy hike, and there's a great view at the end!

What I think is a great idea, they've posted stories along the way! In the few months we've been here we've seen two different books. One was about bear scat (and other wildlife "signs") and the other was the life of a forest over several hundred years.

The books are taken apart so there's a two-page spread on a post under plexiglass every hundred yards or so. Just about the time you start to get winded, you stop and read another two pages of the book! Great motivation!

This is definitely one of our favorite hikes. It will be a place we'll take visitors and we'll follow it up with a drive through the wildlife refuge. Grandparents, be warned!

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