Saturday, May 17, 2014

Josiah's Birthday

This is what THREE looks like!

Just like Jonathan's birthday a week before, we snuck a quick run to Starbucks in before our first babysitting client came over. Josiah chose apple juice instead of the suggested hot chocolate, not that I mind!

Since most of the day was taken up with a very full babysitting schedule, I included a few recent pictures of Josiah to show all of our long-distance friends and family just how huge my baby is getting! 

Josiah keeps right up with his brothers and can really hold his own! He's tough yet so sweet, probably the sweetest, gentlest of my three boys.

Yet this kiddo has a crazy sense of humor and can get other kids laughing in seconds! His antics really are hilarious.

When we asked Josiah where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner, he said, "Umm, pancakes." So we did! Gary got this picture of Josiah being very serious about his food. He would smile in between clicks, but this is the best picture we got! When I posted it on Instagram (gibsongirl726) I titled it, Step away from my pancakes and no one gets hurt!

On Jared's birthday we got a fish tank but the people at PetCo said we should have it running for about a week before putting fish in. So on Jonathan's birthday we got fish. For Josiah's birthday we planned to add a few more fish, but got such a late start to dinner that we just ran out of time. We're still planning to pick up a few more fish tomorrow.

And today we celebrated his birthday at Sabbath School! There are 20-25 little kids in his class and Josiah is usually pretty shy, but he knew when he saw the table that it was HIS birthday and was very brave. Love this little guy!

Dear sweet Josiah, I love being your Mommy! Happy three years little guy!

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