Friday, May 9, 2014

Jonathan's Birthday

As if one birthday boy wasn't enough, Jonathan's birthday was today!

We are now proud parents of a 7-year-old!

This morning before anyone came over for daycare, I took the three boys to get a hot chocolate at a nearby coffee shop.

Later in the morning, we took a long bike ride/walk around a little lake to a playground the boys like to visit.

It was farther away than most of our outings, so we took breaks to throw rocks and watch the birds. The weather was perfect!

Earlier in the week, Jonathan requested his dinner out to be at the Texas Roadhouse because they made a lot of noise for birthdays! Seriously, that was his reason for choosing the restaurant! It being a Friday night and Mother's Day weekend, we had to wait awhile. The boys ate peanuts--they love throwing the shells on the floor--and those amazing rolls, and we had a free appetizer, so by the time their real food came, they were pretty much full. Poor Jonathan was so nervous waiting for his birthday celebration! He couldn't sit still and completely lost his appetite! It was kinda funny, but still, I could empathize.

Finally they came out and he was so embarrassed that he almost didn't get on the funny saddle thing and at first refused to wear the cowboy hat! Poor guy! But he powered through the shyness and did it anyway. I'm proud of my boy!

Here's to many many more birthdays, to being brave, and seizing the opportunity! I love being your Mommy!

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