Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Field Trip! Part 3

Last month our family took a little trip with Gary's class. You can get caught up to speed by reading Part 1 and Part 2

This post is photo-intensive and short on words. Hope you enjoy!

After spending two days at the coast, we headed back inland. The first part of the trek was a beautiful, windy road through a redwood forest. At least on the way back it was beautiful--on the way there Josiah got sick but we didn't know why he was so fussy until Jonathan alerted us to some, um, barf.

Anyway, this time was pretty! And I got to stop and take a few pictures. Yay!

We drove through the hills before coming to a valley full of wineries. 

We stopped at the Navarro Winery for a couple bottles of grape juice. 


We popped over to St. Helena to see my aunt and uncle and cousin, the latter of whom we got a family picture with. 

I hadn't seen this guy since our wedding and in my head he's still a little kid! Jonathan was pretty enamored, mostly because he thought Ian was so funny!

Jared liked Ian too--you gotta like someone who will push you on the swing!

Meanwhile, Josiah got to play on the equipment with Daddy! (This is him saying "weeeee!" and his hair sticking up from static electricity. Gary was holding his hands so he wouldn't fall back and hit his head.)

Meanwhile, I sat with my uncle, a photographer, and picked his brain for beginner photography tips. He took this picture of me (straight out of the camera). 

We bid our farewells and headed up the hill to Angwin.

Why would we want to go there? That's where my college is!

I'm a proud alumnus of Pacific Union College. Class of 1999. Best four years of my life! I also got my master's degree there through summer school classes, so this place is full of fantastic memories. I didn't take many pictures but enjoyed telling Gary about things as we took a part-driving-part-walking tour of campus.

This is the Ed Department where I spent many an hour. Good times!

Our tour over, we headed back down to St. Helena for a nice birthday supper for yours truly where we ate delicious Italian food on the patio with views like these.

We had to hurry back home to Weimar because it was getting late. I hope you enjoyed our trip!


  1. It looks like a wonderful trip and I am so glad you saw your cousin. That is a wonderful picture of you-Your uncle is a good photographer- xo Diana

  2. I've been super busy and missed reading your field trip blogs. Glad I was able to catch up on them this morning. Wow, what beautiful pictures you took. Looks like you guys had a great trip!



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