Sunday, November 11, 2012

Field Trip, Part 2

When we stayed at Albion last month for Gary's class field trip, we were able to drive up the coast another 20 minutes to a beach at Fort Bragg.

The goal was to find some tide pools, but the tide was coming in and we weren't able to see the big pools of water or any cool creatures.

We did, however, thoroughly enjoy climbing around on the rocks and watching the huge waves crash against them!

Even though I'm bummed we missed the starfish and sea anemones, it was my husband's and my boys' first experience with something like that. I'm super glad we took the opportunity!

We were either at or right next to Glass Beach, which is just what it sounds like! The small "rocks" that make up the "sand" are mostly small round pieces of glass. We saved a little bit of it and I'll do a post on how we're preserving the memories soon.

This isn't the best family picture in the world, but I'm so glad we have it! I was watching a couple who was exploring the rocks like we were. The woman was taking pictures of everything, just like me. Well, she approached me and asked if I would change cameras with her and take pictures of each other. Great idea! That's when I noticed she had the same Jo's Tote's camera bag as me--even the same color! 

After the beach, we stopped for ice cream at a dairy that makes their own. So fun! We loved the little bit of Fort Bragg that we saw, and totally understood why people live there. But I felt that way about Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Ventura, California, and now that we're not in Iowa, I miss the rolling green hills and picturesque farms. I guess I'm just getting good at empathizing! Do you love where you live? What is it about that particular place that keeps you there?


  1. Love Ft Bragg. if you ever get there again try the Purple Rose. Outstanding Mexican food.
    Have had that ice cream good!
    Love you

  2. Awww I also love the family photo! So great that lady was there! I love Nor Cal beaches :) Beautiful, Liz!... just beautiful!

  3. It most sound amazing when the water hits the rocks.



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