Friday, November 16, 2012


Sometimes when you're living in temporary housing some things are ugly. Like both of these linoleum floors. Especially when two colors and patterns meet down the middle of a room!

But sometimes there is an easy, free and temporary cure out there! Say, for a boring white wall in the boys' room? 

I took two lengths of twine, tied knots at the ends and stuck 'em on the wall with clear thumb tacks. Then I used tiny clothespins to hang up the masterpieces my little artists create. The boys love adding to the display wall, and I love seeing their artwork on the wall.

Sometimes you like an idea so much that you use it again! I used the mini clothespins again to dress up my super-ugly lampshade with cards I've received lately and a few pictures of my kids.

Sometimes having something a little prettier to look at helps disguise the other uglies. Like the lamp base and the bedside table, both of which are begging  for makeovers!

Have a great weekend!


  1. This makes the lampshade way more pretty and unique.

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