Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

Hi everyone! How's your day going? I wanted to take a few minutes and play catch-up with you, as it's been over a month since I shared anything other than moodboards.

Speaking of which, I had so much fun with my 31 Days of Moodboards series! I hope you weren't bored out of your skull. I'm proud of myself for sticking to my goal of posting a new moodboard everyday! Each one of those babies took between 1-3 hours to create, plus blogging time. Our family took a couple trips, including a week at my mom's where I had internet this time! That being said, I felt a tad burnt out, so I took the liberty of a few days NOT blogging. Hope that's ok with you!

My Sweetie and I have been on a let's-get-healthy kick. Not that we didn't try that before, but we're both more committed now. I've been walking everyday and am at 4 miles a day this week with the goal of doing 5 miles a day starting next week. I feel more energetic, I've been sleeping better, and combined with our healthier diet, I haven't been craving carbs and sweets. Weight loss is slow and frustrating, but I keep trying to remind myself that it's about getting (and staying) healthy, not just losing weight. Also, the pounds took about six years and three pregnancies to creep up, so expecting to see major reversals in that trend is a little optimistic.

My husband, though, in typical man-fashion, has lost 20 pounds and runs--RUNS--5 miles without stopping! I'm so so proud of him! He alternates with 2-mile days to try to build his speed. He looks great and has a sparkle in his eye that I've missed.

Gary is also doing very well in his classes. We have a month left here and the job interviews are starting to come in. We're very much looking forward to knowing where we'll be headed, but we're choosing to trust God. He always provides and we know that from experience.

Speaking of which... This little place never sold.

But wait! There's a happy ending! Or development... Our pastor volunteered to be our rental agent and found us renters! We were under a six-month contract with our realtor who is a sweetie and did a great job, but the market is just slow right now. Anyway, the renters wanted to move in on a certain day and when we contacted our realtor to see when her contract was over, it was the renter's chosen move-in day! AND, the rent they'll be paying will fully cover the price of the mortgage and needed repairs along the way. God has provided at exactly the right time!

Well, I need to wrap it up here tonight. I have a few small projects to blog about, a couple trips and outings to the beach, and I'll figure out how to catch you up on my Instagram pictures. Because yes, I'm finally a smartie with a smart phone! You can follow me at gibsongirl726.

Have a great day!

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  1. Praise God on your house situation, and on your new health and fitness routine! I need to get walking myself. --And it's good to take days off of blogging. LIfe and rest are more important. <3



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