Monday, June 4, 2012

Inspiration Files: Painted Wingbacks

It's hard to be inspired on a Monday. 

It took me awhile today to find some ideas and creativity. As usual, my inspiration is something that's really in my head; something I want to work on or hope to work on soon!

Last August, I bought two wingbacks on craigslist for $30. For both, not each! I've blogged about them way too many times in their present state:
My sad, mauve chair.
After seeing how my blog-friend Katie changed the look of her living room by adding two turquoise chairs {read about it here!}, I determined that my pink ones are next on my list! 

Katie's turquoise chair
Katie's chairs aren't painted, but they're such a beautiful color! I think my living room would really benefit from the chairs being a different color. 

Here are some more inspiration images.

I'm totally intimidated by the thought of actually biting off this project! Would you paint an upholstered chair?


  1. Paint them!!! I've never done it, but for $15 a pop, those chairs can go through it a few times til you get it right!


  2. I was so blown away with AttemptatDomestication's painted chair! Will it work the same with the velvet?

  3. I agree - paint them! There are some great inspirations out there - will be on the lookout for that fabric spray paint myself! Terrific idea! I am happy to be your newest follower,

  4. Paint them! Do give them a try!



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