Sunday, June 3, 2012

Barns of Benton County: Blue Roof

You know I do these barn pictures as I drive by, right? Usually I'm the driver and photographer and I may or may not have 3 small boys with me. 

Now before you go accusing me of child endangerment, remember these are quiet country gravel roads and we might pass one or two cars at the very most. Which you can see coming for a good mile or two. And when I have my camera hanging out the window I'm driving about... 10 mph?  

On this particular drive, I happened to be by myself. It was in April when the grass was green but the trees weren't yet. And I got sprinkled on a few times!

One thing I do love about Iowa is the big sky. Well, I hate that too, because you can see the big, scary storms coming for hours! But when the weather isn't threatening, the skies are a treat!

If you were wondering, I didn't drive by this farm in reverse. I put the pictures in reverse order because the close-up of the barn (first picture) turned out to be a really good shot! I was surprised by the blue roof! Were you?

Thanks for visiting the farm with me!


  1. What a cool old barn. My Aunt Bessie had a blue roof on her barn and I always loved it- xo Diana

  2. Love your barn photos. They are amazing.

    Have a great new week, Ellie


  3. The color of the roof shingles does leave a certain impression on you when you first look at it. The colors harmonize with each other, and though it is in a poor state, the barn still has its unique charm that would interest any visitor. It’s just sad that the barn was left to rot like that. It would have looked so much better if it were kept in good shape.

    Richard Boles

  4. The look of this old barn definitely gives out some interesting charm with its surroundings. But it would be so much better if the owner would restore the structure. Aside from the aesthetic quality, it will be safer for any person who will come inside the barn. The roof looks dangerous; it looks like it will collapse anytime soon.

  5. It saddens me to see old structures like this deteriorate and left forgotten. I think this barn looked good before. I can imagine this barn in its former glory, complete with its beautiful blue roof. I just hope that the owner would restore this place and make it beautiful again.



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