Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Card from the Kids

The teacher in me would not give this Mommy an A+ for the creative things I do with my kids. In fact I feel that's an area that I need to work on! But today we did an art project!

Spoiler alert!! Grandparents, look no further!

This little turkey is a card for the grandparents, complete with keepsake handprints. Aww..

I did a little pinning and found this guy. 

I just so happened to have some round, brown cards on hand. Random, but in my favor!

I used whatever I could find to trace a partial circle for the head and another for the body.
I cut the turkeys out, careful not to cut the fold where the card opens.

I knew I could make the "feathers" out of handprints, so I traced around two sets of the cutest hands on earth.

I used  some red cardstock for more feathers and cut yellow leaf shapes for wings.

And finally my boys got in on the crafting! Well, glueing to be more precise.

We assembled the cards like this:

Just waiting for the glue to dry so we can add googly eyes and a note about how we're thankful for you, Grandmas and Grandpas!

Next time I'll find a project with less cutting for mom and more hands-on fun for the boys! For now we have these super cute keep-sake cards, so I'm happy!

What have you and your kids crafted lately?


  1. Teachers, Grandparents, BFFs, and Sunday School Teachers! That's PERFECT! I'm loving that you're still sharing Thanksgiving...that makes me happy!!!

    Aimee @

  2. That is SO cute!!!!!!!! I am picky about kids' crafty things, but this was a great idea. Using the kids' handprints makes a fun little project card into a keepsake.

  3. These are adorable! What a fun project to do with the kids! Thanks for sharing.



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