Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our Garden

Time for a stroll through our garden!

My husband bought a yard sweep and dumped grass clippings in the garden so I could use them for mulch. I'm hoping this eliminates the weeds!

Our tomatoes are doing well. There are a few small green ones! I can't wait for that first fresh-from-the-garden tomato sandwich!

I added grass clippings to this raised bed, and straw on the outside. It's a full-on war on weeds!!! 

Here's another raised bed with lettuce, kale and onions.

I plant organic heirloom lettuce and let it go to seed so it replants itself. 

This red lettuce is so pretty in salads!

Time to pick another salad.

Our barn presides over the garden. I like that from this distance you can't tell what's a weed and what is supposed to be there!

This bed has carrots, cauliflower and cilantro. Aren't the cilantro flowers pretty? All of the cilantro plants were volunteers from last year's crop.

Baby parsley plants!

And baby basil, my favorite! Yes, I know it's late in the season to just be starting these herbs, but I had a little excuse this year, remember? (He's about 10 days old in this picture.)

May babies really put a damper in gardening for awhile!

These squash plants are volunteers from last year's crop. For that reason, I really like buying heirloom seeds. Last year's tomatoes--not heirloom--have given us a few volunteer plants too. I'm letting them grow, just to see what happens!

Strawberries! If the dog lets us have any... 

Our corn is about 3 feet tall. 

Under this tree is where you'll find my boys while I weed and plant and mulch. Why?

Here's a closer look:


Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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  1. Your garden is amazing! It puts my little garden to shame. Your tomatoes are a couple weeks ahead of ours, but I'm also itching for the first tomato sandwich of the season. Thanks for sharing.



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