Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Boys' Room

Sometime this winter, when the mowing, gardening, car-fixing, outdoor projects are done, Daddy plans to build bunk beds for the boys. It will probably look something like this bed made by Lyndsey, a reader of Ana's Knock Off Wood

Courtesy of Knock-Off Wood
I love it! I might even paint them the same color.

Speaking of color, here are the other colors in their room. 

Yes, I know, I could have at least moved the laundry basket! I painted the bottom half of the wall a nice green that I still love. I matched it to the green in the bedding I hope to use (shown below). The bedding also has that bright red and soft yellow, so I painted the dressers those colors. By the way, those dressers were given to us for free from my in-laws. They were my husband's and his brother's dressers when they were growing up! 

Here is the bedding. I have one twin set and a crib set, so I need to find another twin comforter. Target no longer carries it, so hopefully I can find one on ebay. The crib set was a craigslist find, so there is hope!

Courtesy of Google Images

It's not so washed out in person. The darker blue is denim and the little details are embroidered on with bright colors--red, yellow, blue and green. There are little stars on the bedskirt and on the backside of the pillows. It's super cute! (Thanks Mom!)

Daddy is a pilot, so even though there are no airplanes in the bedding, the real theme for the room is airplanes. Here's where the problems come in!

1) I love the chalkboard painted closet. I think it's a fun use of space and the color is great, but NO, it isn't! It's really as blotchy and uneven in person! I had just painted the woodtone doors with a million layers of white, THEN got the idea for the chalkboard paint cuz it was just too white! Well, I used the entire $14 can--4 layers of paint and it's still blotchy! I guess I already know what I need to do... Go buy another quart of it and get painting.

2) The windows have been replaced (YAY!) and the newly painted white frames make the trim on top of the green paint stand out funny. I don't like how it looks. Should I paint it an accent color? Should I do more stripes above the green? Maybe a bright red smaller stripe and a light blue color on the very top? 

3) The lazy person (ahem... that would be me) who painted the window trim got a bunch of paint on the green walls. Did I have more green paint to patch it? NO! I took my chip into the store and the matched color is WRONG! Look back at the picture and look around the window. Yeah, gross! So while I'm painting, I have to re-do the green too. BOO!

Here are some boys' rooms that I like. Take a peek and tell me what I should do! 

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of Southern Living

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

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  1. Oh dear. Your paint issues sound just like something that would happen at my house! I have been avoiding painting the kitchen window trim because we don't have any wall paint left to touch it up with!

  2. Love your boys room so cute, and HOLY COW how cute is the chalk board closet. WELL DONE. Jen

  3. I love the first pic with the red bunk bed! I have seen that one before. So cute! I'm sure it will turn out well!



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