Wednesday, September 15, 2010

AKA: Coffee Table

Our coffee table isn't. It's not a table and it's not for coffee. It's not even the right height to put your feet up! I love it though.

My husband bought this trunk at an auction. I love that it's scratched and worn. Perfect for this:

And this:

I also use it as a desk as you saw in this post.

You want to know what's in it? Magazines! I'm afraid to put pillows or blankets in it, cuz it smells like moth balls inside, but I don't mind if old issues of Real Simple or Better Homes & Gardens smell a little funny.

We have two proper coffee tables in storage. And by "storage" I mean, taking up random space in the basement. One is currently used near the scary laundry corner to put clean clothes on. The other is at the foot of the bed in the guest almost finished room and it holds towels and/or suitcases. But this trunk works for now! 

What do you use as a coffee table? Something pretty to display more pretties on? Something comfy to rest your feet on? Something repurposed or unique?

My new friend Emily is having a coffee table link party. Stop by!


  1. I love old trunks like that, and they are great for extra storage! I bet there a lot of stories that it holds and it is nice that you can create some of your own!

  2. I LOVE it - - - run of the mill coffee tables are overrated.


  3. My mom and dad had a chest like that for years. They kept all of our photo albums, baby books, and other collectible items inside. About 3 years ago, my daddy sat down with all of us and let us go through it. We divided all of it up between us. It was so fun going over all the memories it contained together.

  4. I have two old wooden crates stacked for a table. I love to use something not everyone has.

  5. I've always loved these old trunks, and what a great way to use it practically. We currently are coffee table-less, so that is on my list.

  6. perfect coffee table. I have old suitcases that I use as side tables. I store the video camera and old tapes in there. Won't store any linens in it for the same reason. Too musty.

  7. Love the trunk Ellie! And I know what you mean by "storage". We bought a seating coffee table where the 2 seats flip over and become trays... nothing unique though... but my wooden coffee table is in "storage"... thinking about making it into a desk for the office.

  8. Trunks make great coffee tables. Fewer 'legs' in the room. Love the idea of using it to hold magazines.



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