Friday, July 23, 2010

Candle Holder Makeover

In a rare stroke of luck this week, I was able to go to a thrift store. 



One of my treasures was this candle holder. 

For $2.38, I thought it had potential.

My helpers this time were sandpaper and flat black spray paint. 

My dear husband says I'm going to run our family into the poor house because of all the paint I buy. 98 cents, Baby, 98 cents! And it's MUCH cheaper than a therapist. LOL!!!

It's super muggy and rainy today, so I set up a spray station in the garage. 


With J2 supervising, I gave the candle holder a couple coats of paint. (Don't worry, I was quick and took the cutie pie inside with the door closed in between coats.)

I gave it some time, then brought it inside and sanded down the edges. And wondered why the paint was so sticky... and ended up having to sand down the whole top and start over! Rude! The second time around, I actually read the directions.

Don't use in humid conditions. 

OH! No wonder. 

I swam out to the garage, did a couple of coats and let it dry inside in the air conditioned house. Then I gingerly sanded down the edges again. 

After a quick coat of poly, my $2.38 candle holder was lookin' good!

I robbed some other candle holders in our bedroom of their glass votive holders--guess I'll be keeping my eye out for 6 more of those!

Isn't she pretty?

Look at those curves! 

I love the new addition to our candlelit room. Hey, recognize the wall art in the the mirror?

I love my thrifty find made over to fit our style! Hope you do too!


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  1. must bring this over to my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS party and show it off! Hope you have a FUN weekend.


  2. That's cute painted black. I have a wooden one that someone gave me LONG ago. I'll have to try to dress it up by paitning it. Thanks for the idea.

  3. I'm so happy that you came...hope you have a FUN time looking around at all the treasures here at NTT!


  4. Fabulous job! Any girl who loves spray paint and stain is a friend of mine. Come and visit my blog sometime...I have parties in the future you may enjoy to participate in. Debbie

  5. Ellie, you did such a great job! I love your transformation! It completely matches the rest of your decor now! :) BTW - love the name of your blog!

  6. She's very pretty. And looks great with your decor. Wonderful job!



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