Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Etsy Favorites: Baby Girl Edition

You all know I have everything baby girl on my brain. It's just so fun and exciting! Less than 7 weeks until we get to meet our baby girl! Go here for my latest pregnancy update.

I was given an Etsy gift card for my birthday. While I'm planning to get something for me, I couldn't help but browse through some of the adorable baby girl things they have available. And why not share it with you?

Each picture is sourced to the Etsy shop involved in the print under the picture.

Here are 12 of my favorite things, all in a color scheme too!

Wouldn't this bloomer and headband set be adorable for that newborn photo shoot? Baby laying on her tummy, legs tucked under her, hands under her head, asleep. Totally cute.

You'd need these age blocks for on-going photo shoots too. I imagine an older baby would want to play with the blocks, but that would be cute too!

Your older baby needs this dress too. Maybe a 1st birthday?

These handmade leather mary janes will get lots of use, not just for photo shoots!

My babies have only had fuzz on their heads, so I'm planning to use plenty of headbands. I like how simple this one is.

Of course headbands and hair bows need organizing. This display almost doubles as art!

Speaking of art, how about this monogram? Just paint it one of your nursery colors.

Or do the whole alphabet! Have you seen that baby shower activity on Pinterest? Buy a set of these and scrap book papers, bows, and embellishments in the nursery colors, then have everyone at the party decorate one letter. So cute!

Of course there's crib bedding to consider. This set is beautifully made. I'm not wealthy enough to spend quite so much on something that's going to get washed repeatedly though.

This ribbon mobile would be fun to create! I like how it has so many different textures. Super cute over a changing table!

Baby needs a sweet little ribbon blankie. This one with the ribbons should keep her attention longer.

I love this idea and might have to take up quilt making to see it happen! It's a memory quilt with some of baby's cutest/favorite shirts, dresses or blankets. What a sweet idea!

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