Thursday, October 22, 2015

Etsy Favorites: Her Edition

I had so much fun putting together last week's Etsy Favorites: Baby Girl Edition that I decided to do it again. This time I'm focusing on things for HER. 

I just love everything on this list. I've saved everything as a "favorite" liked all of these shops. It's just so hard to choose! I might just forward this to my husband for Christmas ideas!

Everyone loves to be pampered, so why not get this spa set with homemade scrubs, lotions, butters and lip balms? The price is very reasonable too!

I would totally wear this purple shawl. Isn't it lovely? It's staged here for a wedding, but I would wear it to church or when I'm dressing up and want something other than a coat. Isn't it beautiful?

I don't know about you, but it's hard to be warm and have cute hair at the same time when it's really cold out. Enter this crochet hat! You can wear it as a way to keep warm and not have to remove it when you get to your destination. And you don't have to do your hair. Win!

I thought this set of boot cuffs was adorable. I love the look of cozy socks sticking out of boots. You can wear these upside down if your outfit doesn't call for lace.

I've been wanting to add a plaid scarf to my collection, and I love this red one! It's festive for Christmas but not so much that you can't wear it before and after the holidays too. And it's warm!

I'd like to get into the habit of wearing an apron when I cook. This hemp apron looks like an easy addition to your outfit because you don't have to tie it. I personally don't like that part of apron wearing.

I adore this  leather tote! Isn't it beautiful! The price is pretty decent, and it looks as though it would last forever. I only own a handful of purses and like to use them for years, so I know I would get a lot of use out of this one. Now is it big enough to use as a diaper bag?

I don't wear jewelry, but this name bracelet is something I love! There are several variations available, some with dates, some with names, some with a single charm and a collection of names, or each one with a birthstone. I'd get names and birthstones, but I don't really like the colors of my kids' birthstones-ha!

Every woman needs a planner, so why not get a personalized one with trendy chevron? I would totally use this for meal planning, doctor appointments, school things, you know, life!

My first baby has a huge, complicated, detailed scrap book. My second baby has the cover but nothing was done. My third baby... has nothing. I'd like to go with digital scrap paper and create books online that are professionally printed and bound. Need to get to work on that!

What have you found on Etsy lately? Next week I'm doing a Home Edition and, wow, I had a hard time narrowing it down!

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