Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Organized Kitchen, part 1

I was waiting for our kitchen to be renovated before I posted how I've organized it, but I want to capture it for the record before we move! So be prepared for some organization with a side of ugly!

Here you can see my kitchen. I'm going to focus on how I organized the lower cabinets today, even though I just realized I don't have a picture of what's under my skirt the kitchen sink!

Above is our silverware drawer, or, more appropriately, "flatware". If you look closely you'll see two sets of flatware. It's an area where my husband and I haven't compromised since we got married six years ago! He likes his set better, I like mine, we use more than one set at a time... Someday we'll agree on which one to keep and get a few more pieces for it. Maybe.

I keep the flatware in a bamboo organizer I got at Target years ago. The section that doesn't have an organizer is lined with a no-slip shelf liner. I did that mostly because the inside of the drawer was gross!

Below the silverware drawer (which, by the way, is to the right of the sink for easy access from the dish rack and close proximity to the table) is this cupboard with my food processor, high-speed blender and electric skillet. Hiding behind that are a couple glass pitchers. You can also see the quality and cleanliness of my built-in, vintage custom cabinets. No sarcasm there! Try not to 'pin' that image too many times!

The small drawer to the left of the sink is perfect for zip top bags of all sizes. Looks like I need more gallon sized ones!

The cabinet to the left of the sink is where I keep my mixing bowls, cutting board, waffle iron, cookie cutters, and storage containers. The cabinet goes clear to the corner and tends to eat stuff, you know? I seriously clean it out about once a year just so I remember what's back there!

On the wall with the stove there are three drawers. Nearest the stove I keep measuring spoons, mixing spoons and other handy gadgets that don't fit in my silverware drawer, like the pizza cutter, ice cream scoop, garlic press and other things. 

I use these super cheap white organizers to try to divide and conquer the mess. I should probably downsize the amount of little tools and gadgets I have!

One of my favorite organizational feats is this junk drawer I conquered a few months ago. It still looks like this! You can read all about it here.

The third drawer in the series is used for rolls of aluminum, parchment and plastic wrap. I'm out of wax paper! I also have a little organizer for jar lids, clothes pins, twist ties and rubber bands.

This is my pantry. I like to buy dry cereal, flours and other things in bulk and I found this was a great way to organize them. The containers are rubbermaid cereal bins for around $3 each. I have my oils nearest the stove.

So there you have it! Well, except for under the kitchen sink. I have two trash cans -- one for paper trash that we burn and another for cans/glass/metal that gets taken to a dumpster. I also have a couple small plastic bucket for compost scraps. Out here in the country we have a septic system and we were told not to use a garbage disposal because it's not good for the system. Who knew?

So there you have it. My ugly but organized kitchen. Well, the bottom half. Stay tuned!

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  1. Clean, charming, and obviously does the job! :-) Especially since it's so well organized. Your pantry would make me happy to open it. So nice and neat.



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