Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Peanut Butter Experiment

Our family loves peanut butter. We like the all-natural, peanuts and salt only kind. For several years we've ordered it by the 9 lb-bucket from a natural food store. Recently the price went up and we decided it would be a fun experiment to try making our own.

So we ordered peanuts instead of peanut butter.

We broke out the juicer with a grinder attachment.

We filled up the feed tube 

and pressed the peanuts into the machine.

Sure enough, out pooped some peanut butter!

You might want to avert your sensitive eyes.

Pretty soon we had a whole bucket of poop peanut butter.

It seemed dry, so we added a little olive oil

and some salt, of course.

My sweetheart gave it a quick stir. No, those are not my manly hands!

The verdict: Freshly ground peanut butter is fantastic! Other than washing the juicer (UGH!), it was a simple enough chore too. So since we liked it, we wanted to know how much we saved! You want to know too?

My engineer husband actually made a spreadsheet. And the bottom line? Nothing! It was actually a few cents cheaper to buy natural peanut butter from the grocery store! Can you believe it? 

We were pretty bummed to find out we weren't saving anything by making our own peanut butter. The silver lining? One less chore on my to-do list!


  1. Interesting! We tried peanut butter at home in the food processor once and it didn't turn out well. The recipe called for salted peanuts, and holy moley, that was too much salt. We've just stuck with the natural peanut butter from the store since then.

  2. It was good to know you can cross it off your list, and the rest of us don't need to feel bad. ;-) Our grocery store has a peanut and almond grinder, so you can make your own there, and have nothing to clean. The bad part is that it comes out warm and gooey, and shaped similarly to yours, so really does look (and feel) like something that belongs in the cat box-- according to the kids, of course.



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