Friday, November 11, 2011


My house is full of unfinished projects. 

Our bedroom is _this close_ to being done.
The boys' room has 3 more easy things left to do.
I have about 11 other ideas up my sleeves, but life has been busy lately. Sick kidlets, laundry, cooking... 

Oh, and I was contacted about a give-away and I'm so excited about it, but I haven't taken the time to preview and set it up yet! Next week, I promise!

So, because I can, I thought I'd post 11 random things today, in honor of 11-11-11. 

1. My No. 2 decided to measure himself on the wall where we mark the boys' height. Think he's cheating a little?

2. Little Mr. No. 1 wants to show you his new room!

3. This room is very close to being done! I looooove the maps! They really helped tone down the John-Deere-just-threw-up-all-over vibe that was going on. 

4. Sweetheart No. 3 is a little under the weather. Which is a weird term, cuz the weather's great since this week's snow is gone. Anyway, he was a little runny-of-the-nose earlier when I took this picture, but now he has a slight fever too. I don't know if he caught No. 1's cold from last week, or if it's the tooth he's cutting. 

5. That's right, my baby will be 6 months old next week, weighs over 20 lbs and is cutting his first tooth. He's wearing 12-month clothing and is pushing the weight-limit on his infant car seat. (Any advise on what to do with the car seat? He needs to be rear-facing for 6 more months, but he's almost too big for it!) 

Besides being a big boy, little Mr. 3 is pleasantly adorable and perfectly normal. He loves tummy time, baby cereal, mashed sweet potatoes, being around his brothers and watching Daddy. Baby is a compass and Daddy is north!

6. We went to town today. Not TOWN town, just our little town. Wanna see what a rural town looks like? Don't blink!

Yes, that's the main road approaching Small Town, USA. We were following a pick-up hauling an auger. You know, the thing that gets the grain from the trailers into the grain bin. Duh. (No, I didn't know that 3 years ago.)

Here's a quiet street in town. And below is City Hall. It's a room on the side of the volunteer fire department.

7. This is our Public Library. Isn't it cute? 

The children's section is where the town's preschool is held. My boys love going to the library because they like books and trains! See?

8. How about a peek at our property? Ok, good. 

Funny how 3 years later it still looks like 'before' shots! There's our barn out back, and our scraggy trees. If you look closely you'll see the line of willows my husband planted the first year. You won't see a fence that used to be there, but that's about it. These things take time, but lemme tell you, we have PLANS!

9. Wouldn't the front of the house look great with an addition? For a dining room and a sunporch, of course. Yeah, well, that's not going to happen, but we might do a patio. And definitely a garage. New siding and a new roof are coming soon, and of course, landscaping!

10. I got these boots from Target for my birthday. (Thanks Mom & In-Laws!) I love them! Super comfortable, great with jeans or a dress. They'll be perfect for winter. So fun!

11. Happy Veteran's Day! My brother is in the armed forces, my Dad was drafted during Vietnam and served a year, though thankfully never went to Vietnam. Both of my Grandpas were in WWII, one of whom is still alive and kicking. Thank you to the men in my family and yours who have helped keep America free!

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  1. Great idea to do 11 facts on 11/11/11 (love typing that). I love seeing small towns - they are just so - small and quiet and humble.

  2. Ellie- I love little towns. It all takes time, doesn't it, to get a house the way you want? And, when you have little kids there is never enough time or money to go around. It's okay..soon those little guys will be big guys and take even MORE time and money!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Diana

  3. love the pictures! so cute



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