Monday, June 27, 2011

The Days are Just Packed


Watermelon juice dripping down your arm, corn in your teeth, a sunburn, bug bites.
Watching fireflies, weeding the garden, going to the pool.

Did you ever read Calvin & Hobbes? You know, the comic about a little boy (Calvin) and his stuffed animal/imaginary friend (Hobbes)? 

I guess we've been doing more than waiting for the perfect water balloon shot. We have been trying to get out more and enjoy summer! There's the garden, area parks, a community pool where we bought a summer pass, the library...

And of course there's the whole major-life-change what with having a new baby in our lives! 
That baby is 6 weeks old! 

While we're past the stage where you're so sleep-deprived you can't see straight and beyond the point where you're lucky to get a shower, it's still an accomplishment to get everybody anywhere, or just keep the peace throughout the day! One wall is painted in the baby's room. The stripes in the boys' room are 95% done. (It's been like that for months!) The house isn't as clean as usual, and the potatoes are hidden by weeds. 

My point is, the days are just packed! 

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  1. Love Calvin & Hobbes! We have several of the anthologies. WD just loves them, and every year plans one of the crazy snow sculptures a la C&H. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.



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