Monday, June 13, 2011

4 Weeks Old & Some Answers

Yes, this is another baby-related post. I promise my next post will be about something else! Well... it's about the baby's room, so maybe not. 

Oh well!!

He's a really easy baby and we all just ADORE him!

At the last check, Baby weighs 13 lbs! I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight (which really isn't something to brag about, but hey, at least it's not worse)! 

I'm feeling much better--even better than the last trimester. I have to take it easy still, as I can over-do it without much effort. Those nighttime feedings have fallen into a pattern somewhat, so I'm getting better sleep at night. What a difference that makes!

I hate to think about all that happened 4 weeks ago today. (If you missed it, you can catch up by reading J3's Birth Story.) Thank you for your kind words of encouragement in the comments!

I thought I'd take a minute to answer some of the questions I've been getting. I usually answer questions by responding individually via email. But since I've gotten the same question at least 3 times and since some who comment are "no reply" bloggers, here are some answers!

Q: How do you feel about home births now?
A: Home births are awesome! We had a great experience with J2's birth. (Read his story here!) However, giving birth at home is not for everyone. (While you're at it, you might as well read J1's Birth Story to get a good idea as to why we chose a home birth for J2 and J3.) If you have any high-risk factors, I wouldn't recommend being at home at all. Part of choosing a good midwife is learning what their policies are regarding emergency situations. In our case, we knew we would be transported to the hospital if anything went wrong.

 Q: Were you under a doctor's care during your pregnancy?

A: No. I saw a Certified Professional Midwife and a Direct Entry Midwife acted as our doula. 

Q: Did you have gestational diabetes?
A: No. I had bloodwork done regularly, both by my midwife and by a local diagnostic center. There were no indications of diabetes. My 2nd baby was 9 lbs, 12 oz so that should have been a clue!

Q: Would you do it again?
A: Honestly, I don't know. I always pictured having 4 kids... at least one of them being a girl. I could follow a diabetic diet and hopefully have a smaller baby. Or I could go back to an OB and schedule a c-section. Or we could adopt. Or we could just stop with our 3 adorable boys! There's a lot to consider--my age, my history, my motives, my heath, my husband's opinion... And I just had a baby, so I'm going to give it time! Who knows?! 

Thanks for hanging in there with all of this baby business! Tomorrow I'll post an update on the nursery!


  1. He looks so much older than 4 weeks. I guess you just have big babies. They are beautiful boys.

  2. I think some people just have larger babies. Doesn't mean diabetes. I was diagnosed with GD with only one of my pregnancies, and she was 8 lbs. I didn't have any blood sugar problems with my 3 of my boys, who were all early and weighed 8# 8 oz, 9# 3 oz, and 9# 9 oz. With the 9# 3 oz guy, my last one at age 44, I actually lost weight the last trimester...not on purpose, of course. He was just meant to be the size he was. A healthy diet is always good, but trying to limit the baby's size, I'd be afraid of.

    Was his size what they considered a problem? My first was a C-Section..."Failure to Progress"...She was 'stuck' in my pelvic bones and had the bruises on her forehead to prove it. She was my smallest. My OB told me then that he'd seen women have to have C-sections with small babies, then turn around and have a relatively easy vaginal birth with a 9-pounder. Each time is different. Part of the joy and part of the aggravation/mystery of it all!

  3. I'm waaaay behind on your blog. Congratulations on your new little guy, even if it's a bit late. Sounds like your birth experience was exciting and I'm glad he got here safe!

  4. Hey, a fellow home-birther here!

    After your super sweet (and thoughtful) comment on my blog earlier, I clicked on over and stumbled on this story.

    My 2nd daughter was born at home. The home featured on my Home Tour today!

    Have a nice day!




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