Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our Old Barn

This is a repost from April. Enjoy!

When I was in college I took a solo roadtrip and fell in love with barns. I took plenty of pictures of barns along my way and thought it would be cool to make my own coffee table book about barns. I love the history that barns suggest, the honest hard work, that barns are usually in the country where family values and quiet living takes place. I didn't realize that there are hundreds of barn coffee table books out there already, and I certainly never thought I'd live somewhere with a barn!

Fast forward a few years (10, actually, but I can't believe that much time has passed since college and I'm not really ready to admit that it has... Ooops!), thru starting my career, living on my own in a big city, moving across country, marrying the man of my dreams and being blessed with two perfect little boys, and here we are, proud owners of a barn. Wanna see?

I know! It's way too cool. And too old to ever be functional again, but still. I can totally see why J (almost 3) loves it. Every time we go outside, he heads to the barn.

I love the architecture, age, and history here. Even though I don't know what the history is! And I love this door!

Here is one of the treasures I unearthed this week. I haven't done much with it, but here is how I found it!

But our cool barn has issues. The former owners were packrats. Don't EVEN get me started on how horrible the house was before we moved in, nor the HOURS we put in cleaning it up enough to live here. That's a whole nother post! Or 5...

I guess the silver lining with the pack rat past of our barn is that's why we have treasures! Like this wood. Oh the ideas!!! What do you think I should do with this?

Can't wait to hear your ideas! Have a great weekend!

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  1. Good Evening Ellie, I'm glad to meet you girl...I was born in Iowa..and now live in Calif and have a big old barn ha ha!! Your wood is asesome girl and I have seen people make signs from it and even coat racks...Hope your taking good care of my home state...Hope you have a GREAT Sunday...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Barns really do represent the work ethic America was built on. You've had a busy and exciting ten years! Is that old kettle cast iron? I couldn't tell from the picture. Little boys just seem to be drawn to dirty places and tractors! Nice to "meet" you and I love your barn! Would love to see pics from your road trip.

  3. It's like searching for fabulous treasures right in your own backyard... or barn :) With the old wood I like the wooden flags that were floating around bloggy world. I have been wanting to make one but havent done it yet. It looked like in one of the pictures there was a wire crate... what is it? Well looking forward to seeing what you create!

  4. How lucky are you to have this amazing barn! What a cool fun place for the kids to hang out, especially on a rainy day. I dream of owning one myself again one day. :)


  5. How wonderful to have a barn of your own. J is going to have fun growing up with this special structure. Have fun making it into what you dream of. ~ Sarah

  6. I LOVE this post. I LOVE that you love barns. I LOVE your barn. And I truly LOVE that your little boy loves it.

    I did a post about my beloved Wisconsin barns, go check it out, and then CHERISH your barn and keep it in good repair so it doesn't die on YOUR watch!!!

  7. I'm a barn girl too!! Love 'em.

    If it was me I would turn those long planks into an amazingly long table. Very rustic and ready to seat a whole lot of people out under a tree.

    Barn lovers unite!

  8. Thanks for the great comment over at FJI Ellie!

    PS - I want your barn (and I've never seen anyone use parenthesis as much as I do). :)

  9. Mornin' Ellie...

    My friend, it's such a pleasure having you for Sunday Favorites this week! Ohhh...I love, love, LOVE all old barns! Like you, I often wonder the history, etc. They really are an interesting part of "Americana"!!! And...your old barn is absolutely fabulous!!! I would have just had a blast digging through all the stuff that the previous owners left! Hehe! Love that big ol' oil can...or at least, that's what I think it is? The wood...fabulous! I seen that Gloria suggested that people use this great old wood to make signs! I love that idea! I have also seen some awesome furniture made with it! Ohhh...the possibilities are endless!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your awesome barn with us for Sunday Favorites this week...this really was a treat! Ohhh...and how awesome would it have your very own, personalized coffee table book of old barns! Love that idea!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  10. Oh Ellie... what a great barn! I love it! Maybe it can be restored one day?? Ideas are endless with that old wood! :)

  11. I only WISH I had your barn. It is beautiful!! What lovely treasures you have in there, too. I can't wait to see what you do with the lumber:).
    You have a lovely blog:).


  12. Coming from one of the party links and I saw this link to one of your old posts. What a great barn.. it's fabulous. Have you seen "Sarah's House" on HGTV. They renovated an old farmhouse and in the boys room they put barn siding on the ceiling. It was incredible looking.



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