Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Love FREE!

I don't get to thrift stores as often as I'd like and I almost never go to yardsales. We live waaaaaay out in the country and when I do go to town I have my little buddies who are worn out after a morning of grocery shopping and going to Taco Bell. Not to mention that even ridiculously cheap finds cost something, and cash is not something I have a lot of. Living on one income pays the bills if we make sacrifices, and our little boys are more precious than a million store-bought treasures.

Ok, wow. I totally did NOT mean to get defensive about our lifestyle choice.


My MIL brought me some dishes on their recent visit. She works at her church's service center and sometimes they get donations of things that don't really serve the needs of the people who come to them for help. 

Enter my new dishes!

A serving bowl and matching smaller bowl:

Two tiny teacups:

Other pretty pieces:

And a pretty, little vase.

Thanks MIL!

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  1. That's awesome, Ellie! My mom has the larger bowl, I believe it was part of her wedding china back from 81? Very cool find and a very generous MIL!

    -Ann Marie

  2. Hi Ellie! Congratulations on your beautiful pieces! How sweet of your mother-in-law to save these for you! They will always be special to you because of that I know. I know how hard it is to be on a budget...and with 2 boys too! Mine are now both in college...yes, they WILL get there!!...but for now the sacrifices y'all are taking will only bring y'all closer together and will make the times more special that you have. I'm so glad you shared your special pieces with us...
    blessings, Doni

  3. What a sweet mother-in-law. I feel so lucky because my MIL is so thoughtful, too. Lovely lovely.

  4. I have a wonderful MIL too Ellie, and she helps us cover certain expenses for my daughter that if not for her my daughter would have to do without, like dance classes, orthodonics, you know...things that are considered more of a luxury.
    I am a SAHM too and am not willing to give up precious time with my daughter for THINGS. I do work hard to supplement our income by selling at the FM but it is around her home school schedule. Don't get defensive over this issue, it's impossible for the WORLD to comprehend the role that the Lord has you play in your children's life, just know that HE is pleased with you and that is ALL that matters.
    You're a wonderful mom!!!



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