Friday, August 6, 2010

Light Up My Life

This post includes a confession. I'm sure we're the ONLY ones who have ever done something like this... You see this? 

Yeah, gross!
Here's a close-up. The brown tip? Dead bugs. 


We moved in almost 2 years ago and that was taken yesterday. It's the entry light. We've cleaned, scrubbed, painted, refinished many other surfaces, but that light just got put off. I knew I had another small light somewhere that matched the pretty dining room light... So the dirty one in the entry just got left. 

Until yesterday. 

I took the globe down and washed it. 


I asked my very handy husband to take town the base (I googled it but it looked scary, so I waited for my man to come home from work). This morning I spray painted the base ORB. 

Three coats and it's as good as new!

Before my husband left for work I asked him how I could hook the lamp back up. He's much easier to understand than google directions! 


Up close.

Why did I put that off for 2 years? Please tell me we're the only ones who would ever put off an easy project like that!

~ Ellie

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  1. Your transformed light looks great and I have four upstairs that I need to do the same thing to. I have the paint now I just need to get my husband to take them down and put them back up.

  2. Oh my...I've been looking at my grimy ceiling lights for the last week. This makes me giggle and shake my head at the same time. Thank you for making 'true confessions' a smile fest. Cherry Kay

  3. Ellie, you are a genius!! I have to do that for so many lights. I never even thought of that, but with a little help from hubby (I always tell him how much I love a man who does "honey dos" - cuz he hates them!) I could do this and not buy new!

  4. Amazing what a little paint and cleaning will do!!! :) Thanks for coming by blog and your lovely comment, I appreciate it! Hope you'll come by again!

  5. Honey, anything that involves ladders & electricity is NOT an easy project, especially around here. LOL
    It looks LOVELY with the new color & lack of dead protein in the glass. ;-)

  6. I have a few projects just like that! I know it will (OK, HOPE it will) be transformed with a little face lift yet I've put them off as well.

    Yours looks great! I need to buck up and follow your lead.

  7. I love what a little spray paint can do! Great transformation.

  8. What a difference a little paint and cleaning can do! It looks great! Thanks for your comments!

  9. Lol - no we did the same thing in our last house - took me forever to get it done! Looks great - it is a beautiful fixture!

  10. Awesome job. An amazing transformation and yes, we all put things off!

    I host a weekly meme called "Summer Sundays". It's al about what summer means to you. I'd love to have you join us.

    - The Tablescaper

  11. You gave new life to that vintage fixture! Don't you just love ORB spray paint! What a money saver.I have even used it on my door knobs and it has held up beautifuly.

  12. Very very nice! What a unique idea. Thanks for finding my blog!

  13. Look at you -- it's just down right cute now.

    Once in an "investment" house I painted mismatched lights (one in the LR and one in the DR) with the same paint. It made them look as though they were coordinating lights.

    Thanks for stopping by Cottage Hill...


  14. It cleans up so nicely. I did not expect that. The painted base was a great choice. hanks for checking out my closet and the nice comment.

    Janet :)

  15. Great project, I need to do this and probably never will. LOL, but now you have inspired me!!
    I am so happy you came over to visit my blog and so happy to have found yours!

  16. Wow! That's quite a difference!...Christine

  17. It looks great now that you have redone it. I am bad about ceiling fans. I forget to clean them and am reminded when the electricity goes off.

  18. Ellie...BIG difference... looks great! I do the same thing... wait to do something and once I do... wish I had done it long time ago!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my bench!



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