Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ellie's Closet {Jean Skirt}

I remember mocking those crunchy homeschooling mamas in their jean skirts and tennis shoes herding their small flocks through nature walks at summer camp in the 90s.

Now I am one.

But I do have to say, jean skirts have come a long way. So have practical walking shoes, and being crunchy is cool in more places than just Portland! I think a lot has to do with accessories and paying attention to details.

Just for fun, I thought I'd see what would happen to Ellie's closet if she added a practical, nicely cut, long jean skirt. And you know what? Every top she has goes with the jean skirt! I quickly was able to throw together a ton of new outfits, and that's not even with layers!

*Please accept my apologies for the weird arms and boring shoes. They are attached to Ellie's skirt but I couldn't crop them, and I spent hours looking for another acceptable jean skirt without arms and feet and just couldn't do it!

Jean skirts are similar to a well-fitting classic pair of jeans. Once you find a comfortable one in the style that fits, the options in your closet might just multiply exponentially!

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