Friday, November 8, 2013

Insta-Friday! {August}

I love Insta-Friday. I'm not great at linking up to other blogs that participate, and for the last few months I haven't been cataloging my Instagram pictures here, but I've finally had some time to download, sort and collage my snapshots. I want to share them here because it's a great way to summarize ordinary life. I look back and realize how stinking blessed I am, how cute my kids are, how quickly time passes... And how I look like Wonder Woman. Ok, not LOOK look, but seem. Appear. Come-across-as. You know?

Maybe I need to work on the reality perspective a little, but what do I have to complain about, really?

Ok, moving on.

Or back. Waaaaaay back.

To August, as you may have guessed from the title of this post.

In August we moved from Ohio to Nebraska. Long story. We're in Lincoln, to be specific, and are so thankful to be here, even if we didn't see it coming.

We got to Lincoln with no housing lined up, so we camped out at a motel for a few days. There was lots of driving around looking for rentals, eating out, afternoons spent napping and swimming at the motel. Our boys were such troopers!

We signed papers on our rental property, moved out of the motel, and waited for our lease to come through so we could get the keys... because it was the last day our moving truck would keep our stuff! It was down to the minute! Ok, I'm sure they wouldn't have taken it to the dump, but it would have cost us more to have them store it longer. It was also Thursday we wanted to at least have beds and a kitchen by Sabbath.

Did I mention it was a million and six degrees? Ok, so maybe *only* in the high 90s, but that is no weather to move in! And it was just Gary and me. And the boys, of course, but that's not much for heavy lifting. We down-sized a ton in Ohio, but we still have a lot of stuff! A nice neighbor volunteered his help and Gary went to the local college and got a team of undergrads to help too. #sothankful

We were settled enough to relax on Sabbath, first with a bike ride to the local lake, then a nice meal with that neighbor who helped. The pictures of the boys at Sabbath School were from the second Sabbath here.

 By the end of the next week, things were beginning to look like home. We spent quality time at the local laundromat (only once before we bought used machines off of craigslist), found Starbucks at Target just a mile from the house, got to know some nearby parks, found Trader Joe's (where the ABC cookies were found) unpacked books, set up the living room, and Gary made us hammock beds. Whew!

August was a whirlwind month! Thanks so much for enjoying the memories with me!

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