Thursday, February 14, 2013

Charming Country Kitchen

Do you ever fall smack on your blogging face? I mean, I was doing great, keeping up with themes and posting regularly, then .... crickets. What happened to me?! Not much really, just had a hitch in my giddy-up I guess. Hopefully I'm back and I can stick to my schedule without getting overwhelmed, neglecting my family or always having my face in the computer. Does that happen to you sometimes? Balance is tricky!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago I took pictures of my in-law's kitchen, you know, where we're staying right now, where three meals a day happen for 8 people, where we've been experimenting with no grains, no legumes, no sugar, no dairy, no processed foods and LOVING it! Seriously, I feel good, some troubles are clearing up, and we're going to stick with it at least for now. 

So, about that kitchen--right. I wasn't loving the pictures I took. I need to really learn how to use my grown-up camera already! But I did what I could, edited them a little and here they are for you to enjoy! 

One side of the kitchen has a big counter flanked by the fridge on one side and a pantry on the other.

The other side is a modified u-shape with the oven, dishwasher and sink.

The kitchen is decorated with country wall paper and bird houses, as well as Helen's collection of antique rolling pins.

The cabinets are oak and the counters are corian.

Cutting boards, olive oil, salt, a knife block and measuring cups and spoons are left out because someone is almost always up to something in the kitchen!

All the grandkids know that there is gum in the smallest crock! (Even my 20-month-old knows, and I will catch him scooting a chair over to help himself. Silly boy!)

Jon built a small shelf to the left of the stove to make use of an awkward angle left after the builder installed the stock cabinets from Lowe's. Helen uses it to store some of her cookbooks.

The view from the sink is into a breakfast nook with lots of windows and a door to the porch. I love watching birds at the bird feeder while I wash dishes.

Currently, no one uses the breakfast room--there are too many of us to fit around the table! 

It's a great spot for folding laundry (the laundry room is just beyond this room), building legos, coloring, or being near the cooking action.

Have you noticed Helen's seriously green thumb? Her plants are a little more crowded these days as all of my plants from our home in Iowa are loving the sun and care they receive here.

The dining room is next to the breakfast room, on the other side of the wall with the dishwasher. This is where we all fit around the table for our three meals a day! Don't mind the boosters and plastic covering the table--it's grandkid friendly!

Hope you enjoyed this charming country kitchen!


  1. What a happy looking kitchen/home. I am glad it is working out with you all being there. Any news on the job front yet- xo Diana

  2. It looks like your kitchen is full of so much joy! Happy belated Valentine's Day to you.




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