Monday, April 18, 2011

Dropcloth Curtains

I've jumped on the dropcloth curtain trend train and I don't intend to hop back off any time soon. In fact, I'm getting more dropcloths next town day so I can do some pillows and things too! 

I just love the texture and natural colors. 

And that these curtains cost $9 and an hour of my time!

Since there are so many tutorials out there and I can't claim to know how to sew, I'm not going into detail. Besides, so much of it is up to you and your space!

Here's what I did, briefly. 

~Bought one dropcloth at my favorite love-to-hate superstore for $9.

~Washed dropcloth with bleach, cool water and cool drying temp (so it didn't shrink too much).

~Cut the dropcloth in half vertically.

~Waited at least a week to sew hems because I got sick.

~Sewed a hem down my two raw edges in less than an hour while my boys slept.

~Cut off one of the ends because my ceilings aren't 9 feet tall!

~Hemmed a pocket for the curtain rod cuz I couldn't be bothered to go back to the store to get those clips that everyone loves. 

~Hung the finished panels in my bedroom.

~Laughed cuz they were too short! (I didn't measure. Duh!)

~Left 'em up anyway, cuz they were only $9 and I can always add a ruffle or something. Besides, they hang behind our bed--why do they need to touch the ground?!

~Stood back and admired the soft glow they add to our bedroom!

~Tried to take pictures, but I only have a point-and-shoot and it's impossible to get a good picture of something against a window! 

~Waited a week and tried again.

~Decided 'good enough' was all I could do and that I need to just post about 'em anyway!

I love my dropcloth curtains, and you can be sure that this DIY blogger has more dropcloth projects coming!


  1. I've used towels and other utilitarian items in projects, but never drop cloths! Very clever, and they do look homespun and warm/cozy. Looking forward to more of your projects.

  2. They look great, and you're right...they DON'T need to touch the ground behind your bed. :)

  3. These look great! I have some dropcloth curtains in my office and I love them.

  4. Your curtains look terrific! I've been meaning to try some for SB's room. His curtainless windows are feeling a bit unfinished to me. Thanks for sharing.



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