Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Painted Picture Frame

We have had such beautiful weather lately that we've been outside enjoying it instead of doing projects inside! But there's always nap time. (I LOVE nap time!) Both of my boys are good nappers, so here's a recap of what Mommy got to do!

I sweetly asked my husband if I could have a frame on one of his pictures from B.E. (Before Ellie). G was quite apprehensive, especially since I told him I wanted to paint it! He left it at, "Do what you want," which I took for a green light. Here's the before frame (minus the duck picture that was in it. It was a nice picture of a duck, if you're into that kind of thing. I did have another frame the same size in black metal, so I put the good ol' duck in that and it has a more modern vibe now. No ducks were harmed in the making of this project! I love you, sweetheart!).

I used basic white paint for kitchens and baths that you buy off the shelf at Walmart without even tinting, and a sponge brush--love those things!!!

I was happy with the results after 3 coats, so when I was sure it was dry I used sandpaper to give the frame some lovin'. I'm lovin' how it looks!

With the white frame and a white background in the picture I wasn't lovin' the mat I was planning to use. I didn't think the 'floating' look would go with the country feel of the frame, so I just painted the mat! I used the same green as is found in other places in my kitchen, so the frame really feels like it belongs in that room. I left the paint quite stroaky (I KNOW that's a word!). I think it looks like linen, but maybe I'm too kind to myself.

Whatever the case, I'm thrilled with my new picture that perfectly matches my kitchen. And who wouldn't when it shows off those two little cuties?!

So there you have it! I think even G is convinced!

Thanks for looking!


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  1. LOVE the frame! It looks so pretty in distressed white. And your little guys are cuter than cute! :-)

  2. Hi Ellie! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Great frame transformation! I love anything distressed, so in my opinion you did GREAT. The white is so clean and I love pic of your kids inside.



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