Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Project #walk365 {June}

June. June was the big move month. June included a 5-day trip from Nebraska to Idaho by way of Yellowstone National Park. June had us sleeping somewhere new every few nights! June was "uncharacteristically" hot!

Our whole family walked together in Scotts Bluff National Monument and each of the two days in Yellowstone.

We walked during our lunch break on the last leg of our trip to Idaho, then tried to get out and take walks while we stayed in a trailer in the church parking lot waiting for our house to be ready.

Then we went to camp meeting in Washington. The kids and I stayed busy walking places around campus, and taking frequent breaks to flex our muscles and watch ladybugs on our knees. After camp meeting, we moved into our house and I took a full, intentional week off from walking.

Once we got a little settled, I started going for walks again. The small pictures above are on my two routes from our house. The larger picture is something I'm proud of, though my kids walked better than I did! We went to the local ski resort, Schweitzer Mountain. We took the ski lift up to the top of the mountain and walked the 2.5 mile trail back down. It was super hot, we had no water, and the trail was rocky and steep, but we did it!

Even with a week off, I walked 23 miles in June bringing my year total to 218!

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