Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Project #walk365 {July}

I'm still walking! In fact in July I started walking two miles a day at least six days a week. I was on a trip for a few days to see family, but other than that, I stuck to my goal and walked a total of 44 miles in July!

We live next to a busy highway in a rural area, so I don't have many options as to where I can walk. I try to capture a different picture every day but it's proving more challenging as time passes! 

1. Just a quick mile this morning before it got hot. I walk a little bit down this highway to get to the pretty, quiet streets. Both of them.
2. I walked right by this barn today and didn't realize I was being watched!
3. My boys and I walked in 90* at 9 AM in Walla Walla, WA, so they enjoyed a refreshing dash thru a sprinkler.
4. I envy the birds this cherry tree.
5. I love this garden with the sunflowers! Not the fence-deer and moose are a real problem in northern Idaho.
6. I saw turkeys and horses on my walk today.
7. Isn't this little garden shed adorable?
8. It was a cool morning walk. Say hi to my wild turkey friends!
9. Hay!

1. 20 weeks!
2. I can't get over how pretty Idaho is!
3. The whole family walked to Snow Creek Falls with new friends from church. It was beautiful and cool in the shade of the forest! The best part for me was NOT feeling like I was going to die on the walk back up to the cars.
4. We walked around Roman Nose Lakes checking out camp sites. We can't wait to go...except for the bear warnings.
5. I felt really energetic on my walk today. Idaho is pretty up close too!
6. Cloudy, breezy and 65! So nice to walk without being overly hot.

1. (Includes barn, view of pasture, and mailbox.) Every time I pass this barn the horse is standing there watching. Do you see his nose peeking out of the barn? The tree is an apple, the view is amazing and the name on the mailbox? MacDonald.
2. It's a deer. It's a bear. It's a boat! What do you see when you walk in the woods?
3. We live near an airport. Today I walked a path paralleling the highway and discovered the airport is one mile away.
4. I tried a new route today as my two standby routes are getting old. Not sure I'll repeat it, but for today it was a good change.
5. A few clouds can sure change the look of a place!
6. Another two miles done! #babybumpphotobomb
7. Can you see the purple in this alfalfa field?

If you want to follow along on my adventures every day, you can find me on Instagram. I'm gibsongirl726 and I use the hashtags #walk365 and #runwalkhike. Thanks for reading! 

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