Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Kitchen

Our kitchen in Idaho is the nicest kitchen I've ever had. It's been great having ample storage and plenty of work surfaces!

But it's not very photogenic.  Oh well! Come on in and pull up a chair. I'll probably fix you something fresh, summery and vegetarian.

I don't know if you remember our dining area in our last house, but it was seriously tiny! The table was pushed up against the wall and we were crowded. Here there is plenty of room for all of us and we could easily add another leaf.

My Grandma's Desert Rose dishes haven't been unpacked for over three years--probably four! These built-in displays are nice, but I would prefer a free-standing hutch. There are three of these sections on the wall behind the table.

The kitchen is U-shaped with another wall for the sink, oven and dishwasher. It was custom-built by our landlord and his father-in-law who originally lived in the house.

Another built-in display area near the dining table.

Before we rented this house, I was so excited about all the counter space! I love it! Even when things aren't neat and tidy, there's still room to get a meal ready.

I was also looking forward to having a dishwasher. Sadly, it leaves my dishes pretty awful looking. Not so much food stuck on, but residue. We cleaned the machine so many times, used several different kinds of soap, tried baking soda and and other ideas... Back to hand washing for me.

Beside the sink is the oven, then beside the oven is the back door and this little entry area. It would be a great mudroom, but if you can tell in the photo of the sink above, there's a mudroom out back. It's kind of a weird wrap-around enclosed walkway with lots of storage... So, this is my sewing corner!

My vintage heirloom sewing machine is in need of a tune-up.

Beside the sewing table is a laundry room/bathroom. Not sure if you'll ever see it here on the blog; it's functional and clean but just not that pretty. All homes have places like that, right?

Now we're heading back into the kitchen from the sewing corner. Oh look, there's the fridge!

At the back of the U is the stovetop. It's gas! Yay!

As a little perspective, that black thing sticking up beyond the counter is Gary's chair. That helps you understand the kitchen and living room layout.

And from the chair in the living room looking into the kitchen.

That completes the tour of our Idaho rental kitchen. Thanks for the visit!


  1. Try vinegar in your dishwasher. I use about a cup with every wash.

  2. Love the new kitchen! I agree with Joyce, try vinegar in your dishwasher (also the powder detergent works better than gel). But if that fails, unused dishwashers are great drying racks for hand washed dishes. :)



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