Monday, June 10, 2013

Permanent Picnic

It's summer! Time for relaxed schedules and more time outside. Time for walks and swimming lessons and playdates at the park and picnics!
So why not bring the picnic table inside and have a perpetual picnic in your very own dining room?
 That's where this Moodboard Monday began. Lowe's has a great picnic table for less than $90!

Permanent Picnic
Permanent Picnic by ellie1005 on Polyvore

I included a few things from our own dining space that are already in the room--hardwood flooring, large windows with sheer curtains, two built-in corner cabinets. Then I put in some items that are typical of how I like to decorate. Black-framed artwork, burlap, wrought iron, house plants. Then I had the fun of "shopping" for what other elements could tie the space together. The big round hanging light over the table, a couple more baskets and the jute rug were my additions.

As far as this actually happening in our house? I'm not sure. In a year we're supposed to completely downsize, as in sell or give away most of our belongings, so it's kind of silly to buy a picnic table. Did I mention we already have a dining room table and six chairs? But it's not a set that I love, so I might just sell it on craigslist and try out the picnic table idea. Why not?! 

Would you use a picnic table in the dining room? 

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