Wednesday, June 12, 2013

For the Record

Well folks, it's here again.
The day I just dump cell pictures and give you snippets of moments I thought were important at the time.

Not to be confused with Insta-Friday. No, these are pictures I didn't upload to Instagram first, although some might have gotten posted on Facebook. 

Random, I tell you, but precious and important and real, because it's our family and it's our life and it's awesome to be us right now!

This was a sweet day--Jonathan's birthday, in fact--so we tried to enjoy it, tried to be more present. I can't believe how fast my babies are growing up! 

Speaking of growing up, we got them all measured on our giant ruler! I love that thing. Not only does it look cool, we didn't have to leave all the growth marks at our old house! They're super easy to make too. 

Anyway, Jonathan has grown like a weed, Jared hardly lets Jonathan keep ahead, and Josiah is almost as big as Jonathan when he turned 3. Yes, that's my 2-year-old. No wonder why I've had to start putting 3T on him!

I think this was Gary's last official mid-week day off before the end of the school year. He now has more relaxed hours and only a handful of kids in the dorm and he doesn't work weekends. On this day we took a scenic drive to a part of the state known for its Amish population. Of course there were Amish delicacies, antiques and produce to enjoy!

These are some of the things we see every day on our walk. After breakfast every day, we go up to the track where I walk a mile and they either bike it, ride in the stroller, or play in the ball fields. It's pretty and peaceful up there, and it helps us get our exercise.

 Also on the agenda--bike rides! So far I haven't taken the boys without Gary, but mostly because it's so much easier to have him load/unload the bikes in and out of the car! Jonathan and Jared have their own bikes while Josiah rides in a seat on the back of my bike. This week I was trying (and trying and trying...) to get a picture of him as we rode along. You can see how unsuccessful I was. The river shot was just random, but the rest were legitimate attempts. Did you note that I finally got him (bottom right)? And it's dark. Sigh.

Well, hope you enjoyed some snapshots of our daily lives! Has your cell phone replaced your fancy camera?

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