Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's in Your ... Closet?

In our pretty little guest room in our rental home in Ohio...

... lurks a pretty ugly little closet.

I show you this because it gives us clues about the house's history. 1) It's old. 2) The closet was added to the room after the house was built. 3) There's a beautiful hardwood floor under the ugly carpet in the rest of the room. 4) The room used to be pink. Think bubblegum. 5) There used to be a useful shelf near the bottom of the closet. It's long gone.

So what do you do when you have a boring, ugly closet in your guest room? Stack junk in it and close the door and hope against hope that none of your guests actually open the door or they might become the skeleton that hides therein?

Nah, way too predictable. You can cram bedding in there, if it's folded nicely. And a scrapbook or two. And more scrapbooking supplies--and a token hanger for your guests! (Note to self: Find more wooden hangers for the guest closet.) 

And then you make it pretty! 

 Here I taped craft paper up randomly on the closet door. I did try to stick to a color theme. Then I hung twine with thumb tacks to make it a memo board of sorts. I displayed some little treasures and pictures using mini clothespins I found at Walmart.

Necessary? No. Useful? Kind of. Fun? Yes! 

What's in your (guest room) closet?


  1. Our guest closet has my husband's military dress uniform in it. For a year or so he was on the honor guard full time and he wore his dress blues almost everyday, ahh I loved it. Now he rarely wears it, so it sits all by it's self in the guest room closet. :(

  2. Sigh, what a bummer to not get to see that every day! At least you have a safe place for the uniform where it's not crowded. Thanks for commenting, even if I didn't get back to you forever!



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