Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Boys!

Fun Fact: Each of our boys was born in May. Two years apart. Neat, huh? Not exactly planned that way, but it makes birthday MONTH a big deal! We chose to honor their actual birthdates with a special dessert of their choosing complete with candles, singing, and a gift from their parents and grandparents. Then on a Saturday evening we had a couple families over for a get-together, not really a party, just to keep it simple.

I wanted to include a tiny bit of my boys' birthdays on my blog. All of these images are taken with my cell phone and are unedited. Better birthday pictures are on my personal Facebook account, for all you family and friends out there who might be curious. 

I'm trying to keep this short--it's supposed to be Wordless Wednesday, after all--so I've captioned the pictures and will let that serve as explanation for the rest of the post. Enjoy!

Birthday Countdown on our chalkboard wall

May 4 - It's Jared's 4th birthday!!!

Jared asked for a berry pie with ice cream.

May 9 - It's Jonathan's 6th birthday!!!

Jonathan asked for ice cream cake. I built it with ice cream sammies + ice cream.

May 16 - Josiah turns 2!!!

I missed the cell picture of him blowing out his candles but got this cute pose instead!

These cute vinyl cling trucks gave us a party theme!

I used clean toy trucks to hold party food!

We had two families over to help us celebrate. No games, no gifts, just simple fun.

I used tiny plastic cups with truck stickers to serve veggie sticks with ranch as well as apple slices.

Sweet little Josiah is getting so big!

Jared never holds still!

Jonathan loves to socialize.

Happy birthday to each of my little guys! I love you and am so blessed to be MOMMY to each of you!


  1. I love the way you do birthdays. You made each child feel special and loved on their birthday without going overboard. Great job Ellie!

    1. Thanks so much, Ashli! We do try to keep it low-key (and low-budget) yet make it special. Thanks for stopping by!



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