Friday, March 8, 2013

Insta-Friday! Limberlost

I'm usually super-careful to put instagram pictures in the order they happened. But this week I'm mixing it up! Hold onto your ... I dunno, laptop? Cell phone? 

Ok, so I got my hair done this week! Yay! I asked a girl at the local/only coffee shop in Salem. She always has cute hair. She gave me the number of the place she goes and the names of four different girls. I just picked the first one on my list, called her and had a cut/color scheduled for the next day!

Here's the before, just for fun. I didn't instagram this one.

Because I know you care so much about all these little details, I had lunch with a friend in town, then had an hour to spare. I ran an errand to get something for my boys, cashed a check so I'd have cash at the hair place (the last two I've been to don't take cards), and was still early! I even took some pictures of downtown Salem. 

This is the county courthouse.

Right across the street is Studio 573 where I got my hair done. 

Speaking of which, I didn't finish that story. I knew you wanted to hear more! Whitney did a great job on my hair. I feel like my color is more natural and the cut is closer to what I wanted. I just got my hair done in December in California where I paid $140 for a cut, weave, wash and style. I wasn't happy about that price, but what can you do? I thought here would be cheaper, so I was prepared for something in the $70-80 range. I got a cut, highlights, wash and style. 

Wanna guess how much the total was? $45. Yup! I love Salem!
Ok! Thanks for humoring me with that. On with the week. 

 This kid! This is Jonathan. He's 5 3/4. He fried the eggs on Sunday morning. Grandma was there to supervise, but really, Jonathan did the work! So proud of him! I'm sure this means breakfast in bed is right around the corner, right?

 We paid a visit to some friends of my in-laws on Sunday. They recently built a house and now I'm in love! It's just the modern-country style I like, with a little bit of glam and a little bit rustic. I love this black kitchen! It was a dark stain, not black paint, so you could still see the character of the wood. Yummy. I'm not sure it's the granite I would have picked, but it was pretty. I don't even mind the white appliances, but I was curious why they didn't do stainless.

 This is the flooring throughout the house. Drool, right? It's just plain pine planks from the hardware store with a custom-mixed stain and matte poly. I think they're 12-inch, but it might just be 10. Beautiful!

It snowed again this week. I think most of the country had snow this week. Did you? I'm so over winter!

My welcome-home roses are still pretty a week later! Love my man!

Oh, this picture! Jared was watching his daddy do something, probably a game on his phone. Love the resting of the cheek, love how he's cuddled right up to him. Love how they love each other.

After the snow a couple days ago, today was warm! Over 50. We all took a walk on Grandma and Grandpa's property. Little Josiah got a ride on daddy's shoulders.

Jonathan with his Grandma and Grandpa.

 Josiah and Jared riding a horse.

 Love this mossy carpet. And my toe shoes. (Vibrum five-fingers.)

This chimney was once the fireplace for a bar. It's right on this property. They called it Limberlost, but that's not the story I read with the same name. Maybe I need to get my facts straight!

Jonathan and Jared inside the fireplace. What's cookin'?

Ok, there's our week in an instagram-shaped nut shell! How was your week? Are you on instagram? I'll follow you back, I'm gibsongirl726. Have a great weekend!

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  1. What great family pictures and I LOVE your new "do". Xo Diana

  2. ha! I ALWAYS put my insta pics in order too...except for today! Whoa now!

  3. That kitchen is AMAZING. Gah! Your hair is super cute! {and can I also say that I needed to see that quote at the top of your blog! I love, love the book of Isaiah!}

  4. Those floors are amazing! and I love your hair.

    Stopping by from insta friday.

  5. I enjoyed looking at all of your photos. What a kitchen those friends have. Beautiful. Your hair looks great too. And what a bargain. I don't even want to think about how much I pay in Toronto. ;)



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