Monday, March 11, 2013

Creating an Entry {Moodboard}

I almost titled this post "Creating an Entrance" but I didn't want anyone to think I was going to divulge any tricks on how to make a grand entrance into a party or something. I certainly have no tips there! I'm more the sneak-in-the-back-door-and-hope-no-one-notices type.

Maybe that's why I like the idea behind this moodboard. I hope I can communicate what I mean, because it seems a little dependent on the room's layout.

But first, the moodboard.

I created this design board with the idea of the entry to the home being in the living room with nothing architectural to give the entry space definition. That means you can create an entrance with the IKEA Expedit unit! What I envisioned was the bookcase coming out of the wall next to the entry door. The Expedit could be used from both sides.

I pictured board and batten on the wall in the entrance, with hooks for coats and backpacks. This defines your space and is useful at the same time. I'm picturing the entry to be too small to put a table or anything larger than the hooks on the wall. Above the board and batten is a mirror to check your hair and teeth on the way out the door. On the floor is an indoor-outdoor rug with darker colors and a pattern to help distract from the dirt that gets tracked in.

The other side of the entrance is the Expedit bookshelf. The bottom two rows can be full of baskets to store gloves and hats, shoes, dog leashes, whatever you want! A family of five could even have two baskets each!

The shelves above the baskets can be accessed from either side, so some decor would face the entrance, other things would face the living room. There could be handy places for keys and a shelf for library books or something like that, so you can grab them as you run out the door.

On the living room side, I didn't want to block the function of the bookshelf by plopping a sofa against it, so I put a chair there and made it a reading nook! There are books stored in the handy bookshelf, as well as a clip-on lamp or two to make sure you have good lighting in your space.

So there you go! I know a lot of these homes with entrances smack-dab in the living room wouldn't have much room for a large unit like the Expedit, but you never know, it might work! It doesn't go clear to the ceiling and you could minimize the amount of articles on the shelves to keep that open feel.

Does your home have such an entry? I've lived in at least three homes like that--no, make that four! How have you solved the problem? Left it open? Divided and conquered? Am I the only person left who doesn't own an Expedit?

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