Monday, April 11, 2011

Signs of Spring!

We're finally seeing some definite signs of spring! I know it's OLD news for some parts of the country, but Iowa is a little behind. Yes, you can take that however you want to! 

These little guys have enjoyed playing outside again!

Yes, this little cutie put his hat on this way all by himself!

See how the grass is getting green?

We have lots of landscaping yet to do around Windy Meadows!

J had so much fun jumping! Yes, those are septic tank covers. See above mention on how we still need to landscape!

We were just warm enough without wearing jackets.

Those sticks behind J2's head are actually my rose bush. We've got a ways to go yet!

Can you see the buds forming on the trees?

And the first flowers will be here soon!

I know, that wasn't much to brag about, buy hey, it's something! Finally! 

So here's a question, why is it that when I finally get to blogging more regularly, something always comes up to throw it off? Does that happen to you?

This time, we got sick. My husband came home feeling yucky on Tuesday, and by Friday I had it. Thankfully I was able to take care of stuff while he was sick, then he took over when I had it. Still not sure what 'IT' was--achy, runny nose, some chills, back pain and fatigue... We were also glad that the most the boys had was a runny nose. I think we went through three boxes of tissue last week! 

Anyway, we're mostly better and I have more posts up my sleeve. Hope you are enjoying spring and staying well! 



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