Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hot Glue to the Rescue!

When J1 turned 1 we bought a $20 rug from Lowe's for his big boy room. Sometime in the last few months, one of the edges has begun to fray. It just MIGHT have been helped along by a certain 3-year-old boy, but I don't really have evidence to prove it!

No,  the carpet isn't purple! I used a towel to catch hot glue drips!

Since the edging of the carpet was still hanging on, I decided to try hot gluing it back together.

I started with the back because I haven't used a hot glue gun in YEARS! Not sure why, cuz it worked perfectly today!

The glue squished through just a little, but the edging stayed put after I reattached it.

Yay! The back is done!

The front was a little trickier because the gluing surface wasn't flat, but I got it to work.

Here it is, all finished and as good as new! Hot glue to the rescue!

(Yes, I know, refinishing the floor is high on the list of home improvements!)

Now #9 on my list of typical blogger projects can be checked off!  

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  1. We buy the $30 Menards rugs. And then just replace them. :)



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