Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Blues

 Today at noon the temperature was 0. The weather guy described it as "North Pole" conditions. With windchill tonight the temperature is supposed to be around -30. Last week when warned of colder temps headed our way, an announcer used the words "dangerous" and "bitter". 

Here's my little guy on Sunday when it was 30 or so. (Sounds tropical!) Yes, he's trying to eat a snowball.

This is J1 smiling for the camera. I think it looks like my attempt at being happy about the weather! Fake!!!

He likes to lay on his tummy and bite the snow. I think he's watched Arctic Tale one time too many!

The boys are thrilled with their snowman! Daddy built it and they get all the fame. Kids! This is actually the first one this season for them--the snow has either been really fine powder that won't stick or icy and hard. Thanks, Daddy, for taking the time to build us a snowman!

Is it Spring yet?!



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