Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Black Beauty

You know how you always feel prettier in a little black dress? Or pants... Or stretchy maternity pants and a tent-like top, as in my case. :) Something beautiful happens with such a striking color. 

Case in point:

Here's the before:

We got this very well-made dresser from craigslist two years ago for $20. It had a white-washed finish with dull brass knobs on the top four drawers and the same color handles on the bottom. I spent hours sanding this thing to get that wash off! I wasn't a blogger and didn't care about 'before' pictures, and I hadn't been introduced to spray paint and its amazing ability to change ugly hardware into something pretty! I used a light stain and poly'd the dresser and new wooden knobs, then moved it into my second son's room. It worked perfectly as a changing table for almost two years.

Then I met this pair...

So... the other more practical and better made dresser had to go! But not without a makeover.

Love the new black dress(er)!


  1. Beautiful...I love the black update! Been looking for a dresser like this forever...lucky you!

  2. They look great! I love black furniture!



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