Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ellie's Closet {Fall 1}

I sprung the news last week that I was going to start a series called Ellie's Closet. I'm taking a basic wardrobe that I created on Polyvore and mixing and matching the wardrobe into several week's worth of outfits. I'm trying not to repeat any outfits, but if you catch one, don't fire me! Please also remember that this is for fun. I'm not trying to make any fashion statements, just trying to inspire myself to mix and match my own wardrobe to keep my outfits more interesting. And to inspire myself to wear something other than yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

So, here's week 1!

Ellie is not me. I don't dress that nice all the time, and she's thinner than I am. She was also really insightful about building her wardrobe to include so many mix-and-match basics. While some of her outfits are super cute, they wouldn't be as practical for a stay-at-home-schooling mommy of little boys. White pants? Love the look but they wouldn't stay clean until breakfast time! Booties? Cute! But would I wear them if I had them? Not on most week days.

Having said that, we can use Ellie as an example to bump up our daily selections. For instance, I started wearing a lot of skirts this summer. I love the look and found them so simple and comfortable! I also LOVE scarves and usually throw one on.

Ok, looking forward to sharing the next set next week!

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