Friday, February 1, 2013


It's Friday! And it's February. Not sure how I feel about that! 

We took a trip to our old hometown last weekend, so the number of pictures I took went way up. I love Instagram because it's such a great way to recap your adventures and make memories of every-day happenings too! Are you on Instagram? I'd love to follow you! Come find me -- gibsongirl726.

1. On the road again! Our boys are the best travelers. #Iowa (Seriously, they've logged so many hours in the car the last 6 months!)

2. Not part of the travel plans. #Missouri (This turned out to be a great story. I haven't shared it yet. Ooops! I'll fix that soon.)
3. Oh look, it's a rare picture of ME!
4. #Iowa (Iowa was home for 6 1/2 years, where I was a newlywed and where I became a Mom x3. It will always have a special place in my heart.)
5. Sunset on the prairie. #Iowa #nofilter
6. Home away from home. #Iowa
7. Daddy's helpers. Love these boys! #theyposedthemselves (The boys always help Gary unload the car and roll the suitcases into the motel. Part of why they each have a suitcase, even for short trips!)
8. Iowa. Land of pretty skies and FREEZING COLD TEMPS!
9. Pretty morning. 9 is way too cold. #Iowa

1. Keeping my three busy while daddy presents the sermon. (It's so hard to keep them quiet by myself!!!)
2. Cute pastor! #thatsmyman #cedarrapids
3. Baby Rachel is a big hit with my crowd of boys! Doesn't she look like she belongs to our family? (This little sweetie belongs to our friends Mark and Julie. She's 5 months old and a complete doll-baby! I might be crazy, but I want another baby!)
4. Presentation #3. So proud of my man!
5. So hungry for salad!
6. We got to eat lunch with Noelle! (Noelle was my first real friend in Iowa. She was there for each of my deliveries and has been to every birthday party. She was our babysitter and LOVES our boys!!! Such good friends are hard to find. Super glad we got to see you, Noelle!)
7. Goodbye Vinton!
8. It's a quiet trip today. #wornoutbuddies #zonked
9. Icy #Iowa. The roads are just wet and we're headed south. (We had to delay our trip for 3-4 hours as we waited for the ice to melt. The parking lot was a big ice rink, but the roads turned out to be fine.)

1. We're baa-aack! #Missouriwelcomesyou
2. We're safe and sound at our home-away-from-home!
3. Let's get this over with. I've heard it's a sad one. #downtonabbey (Oh, it was. Not good. I was prepared because of some spoilage on social media, but it still hurt!!! Where can this plot be going?!)
4. Taste the rainbow. #Iloveveggies (We're still eating super-healthy and seeing results too! My husband is quickly getting back to his college weight!)
5. Little boy takes his popcorn seriously! (This is Jared. He was not letting any of that yummy popcorn go to waste!)
6. Funny boy! #happyeyes (This is Jonathan. He and I were goofing and I told him how some people could hang a spoon on the end of their nose--I have never been able to, but he did it right away! Stinker!)
7. True love. #Daddylovesjojo (This is Josiah. He's seriously developing a little character! He's loving, funny, and so very opinionated!)
8. Little performer. #commongrounds #Salem #Missouri (Gary and I ran an errand and brought Josiah along. He loved the stage at the coffee shop, especially because of the audience--his parents + two other adoring ladies.)
9. Out with my Sweetie. #mymanishot #inhisshadow (This coffee shop is privately owned by a Christian family and it's very cute. It's also the only one in Salem! They are very slow, however, and we waited about 10 minutes for our drinks. Good thing we weren't in a hurry!)

1. Enjoying the sunny day. #mythreeboys
2. Funny face! #lovethisboy #boyloveshats
3. How many boys does it take to dig a hole? #onediggertwosupervisorspluspuppy
4. My little helper. (And by "helper" I mean he slows me down and messes things up and gets all dirty, but he had so much fun helping me with the recipe! He was really good at popping pieces of onion and carrot into the food processor!)
5. Boys and their toys. Always.
6. Meanwhile... Toys strewn around the living room and here are the boys watching mountain biking with Daddy.
7. Helen's indoor lemon trees are fruitful! #greenthumb
8. Me and my boy. #lovethisboy
9. Gearing up to go outside to play in the snow before it melts. #lovethisboy

So there you have it, our week in... well, little bitty pictures. Did you have a good week? Did you stay warm enough? That question is not for my California friends; you guys need to stay cool! 

We have a lead on a job that we would love love love to get. Keep us in your prayers this week!

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