Monday, February 4, 2013

Family Living Room {Moodboard}

Hey! How was your weekend? We had a nice one here in the Ozarks. My boys sang for church and it was adorable! The video is on my personal facebook page, but I'm thinking of sharing it here too. This is one proud mommy that they actually went through with it! 

I started this moodboard with the blank room picture as inspiration. The focus of the room are the awesome reclaimed wood floors and of course the rustic fireplace. I love both of those things and didn't want to pretty it up or lose the rustic vibe, but I also didn't want to make it too log-cabin primitive. 

I started by adding thick molding around the windows and doors and floor, in my imagination, of course. Would that make the room look so crisp and finished? I love some nice white chunky molding! 

Next I found a set--yes, a set of furniture, and no, I don't think it looks too matchy-matchy. I personally love sets like this, as they go together and nobody is vying for too much attention. What set am I talking about? Well, the dressers and sofa table, all Hemnes from IKEA. I chose the black finish so there would be no competition with those beautiful floors!

The tall dresser would go on the wall to the left of the fireplace under that short window. The long dresser would fit on the right wall, one you can't see in the picture, but it would serve as a place to put the TV and all the stuff that comes with that. The sofa table would float in the middle of the room behind the sofa and would be a great place to put lamps and baskets for blankets, kid's toys or puppy supplies.

About the sofa: I chose a white leather sofa because the room was getting too dark and I am absolutely allergic to anything that adds to the amount of laundry I have to do! I still don't understand the slipcover thing, but if that works for you, I'm glad. Leather is durable and wipeable and at least in my family, kids aren't allowed to eat in the living room or have crayons or anything, so I think it would wear well. I would position the sectional sofa across from the fireplace.

The brown floral rug helps define the sitting area without competing with the wood floors or being too light to handle foot traffic. Also in the sitting area is a brown leather reclining arm chair and a coffee table made from huge pieces of lumber and steal. 

I chose brown curtains with a subtle floral print for all of the windows. I would hang them all at the same height and width to make the windows appear more similar in size. I like the layered look, and besides, the blinds would help unify the look of the windows from the outside. 

There is a small bit of lime green in the curtain fabric, so I thought it would be fun to include some lime in the accessories! I virtually shopped Pier 1 for a vase and pillows, and made sure to include some live (or fake, it's up to you) plants for more bright green. 

I threw in a few other accessories, like the leaning floor mirror, the globe, some rustic candlesticks, the shiny accent stool used as a side table and the huge wall clock for more layers of color and texture. And like usual, I'd love to move in! Would you?

Hope you have a great week ahead! Keep us in your prayers as we continue to follow God's will for our lives. We know he has something great in the plans for us!

(Design plans are available! Contact me with your unfinished room, wishes, what you have to work with, and what you'd like it to look like!)

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  1. I'm loving the rug. Nothing like a little floral tamed by brown to make a room come to life!



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