Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Project #walk365 {May}

I know. May? Why bother? Well, cuz it's important to me. And I want to share.

I started walking shortly after New Year's Day. My original goal was to walk 365 miles in 2015, an average of one mile per day. I knew winter walks would be hard. I knew summer walks would be challenging. I knew we were moving but didn't want to let myself off the hook, so I added the additional challenge of walking every day. I think January was a week old before I started and I made it to May before it got derailed.

May in Nebraska is beautiful. There were so many pretty flowers, lawns and gardens to enjoy in our neighborhood!

May included Gary's graduation and a houseful of guests. That's when I inadvertently skipped a day. It was after 9, I was exhausted and finally sitting down after a busy day and realized I hadn't gone for a walk. :( I picked it up again after that and finished the month strong.

After graduation, we started packing up our house, then drove to Missouri to spend time with Gary's mom and leave the kids with her while we flew to Idaho to look for a house. Gary walked with me each day while we were gone! Some of the walks on driving days were pretty short, but I was intentionally walking!

We spent the last week of May back in Lincoln finishing our packing and taking the last few walks. In all, I walked 35 miles in May, bringing my year's total to 195!

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